Karkia Sourena International Transport Company was founded in 2017 with the investment of Golrang Tarabar with the aim of rendering international transport services to exporters, importers and commercial companies and acquiring maximum satisfaction of customers by offering the best and safest international transport and related services. 
These services include chartering of vessels, wagons and airplanes, land transport in local and international routes within carrier, forwarding, custom services and groupage and project-based shipping. 
In addition to the above, other services such as receiving and transferring of cargo and shipments of  applicants, transport inside and outside Iran with the capability of issuing local and international bill of lading, warehousing, logistic, custom clearance, cargo setting and packaging are also provided. 

Seeking maximum share of the market, establish branches in African countries, presence in the overseas activities to secure a logistical chain.

Rendering premium and quality services at the international level.

•    To establish a comprehensive transportation system, to allocate the share of each sub-sections with a priority of rail transportation in view of the economic, defensive and security considerations;
•    To reduce the intensity of energy consumption;
•    To reduce environmental pollution; 
•    To enhance safety; 
•    To maintain equilibrium and harmony among infrastructures, fleet, navigation facilities and demands;
•    To upgrade productivity to reach an excellent level by means of progress and optimization of transportation methods, management, human resources and information; 
•    To develop and modify the transportation network based on the following: 
•    A network approach toward development of axis;
•    Land use planning;
•    Defensive-security considerations; 
•    National profiting; 
•    Transit situation of Iran; 
•    Preparing the ground for attracting local and foreign investments; 
•    Achievement to a bigger share on international transportation market. 

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