Customers may pay for the cost of services based on the mutual agreement in two methods:

Cash payment in Iran

Foreign exchange payment at the port of origin (requires coordination)

Whereas transportation services are offered to different countries the period of transportation between the time of shipment and the arrival of cargo at the custom will be separately as follows: 

  • From Iran to European countries: Between 12 and 18 working days
  • From Iran to Iraq (Iraqi Kurdistan): Between 3 and 5 working days
  • From Iran to CIS countries: Between 5 and 10 working days

Please note that the working days do not include official holidays and weekends of the countries of origin

  • You may send a postal parcel in three ways:
  • Telephone contact (+9821) 26420027-29 during working hours 
  • Registering order through (www.KarKisSourena,com) 24 hours a day.
  • Sending carriage request to the e-mail:  

No. Karkia Sourena Company as a carrier and forwarder can only declare the transportation fees to the customers. According to the custom regulations and the laws governing carrier companies throughout the world, custom expenses are determined only after the arrival of cargo to the country of destination and received from the owner of the cargo.

The civil liabilities of transportation vis-a-vis customers shall be executed and damages shall be compensated by the insurance coverage of Carnet Tir and CMR. 

Karkia Sourena Company shall be obliged to deliver the cargo at the determined time however due to the time difference, custom and export-import regulations, working days, climate condition and particular situations … in different countries, a delay in delivery is likely to happen.    

All the shipments to be delivered have to follow the custom regulations and rules of the countries of origin and destination. 

This company is ready to carry the shipments of its customers through various modes.

Each delivery would have a unique tracking number which allows the customer to track the shipment toward the destination upon completion of the procedure and receipt of the number for the access to the company’s system. 

Goods such as lithium batteries, chemical substances, chemical powders, fragrant liquids and sprays, toxic and inflammable materials…are considered as hazardous goods. These goods are carried under special conditions to certain countries based on the rout. 

 A warehouse receipt is issued by the custom department.